C) Beetroot Trunip Cake + MayMa Hot Sauce | 大紅蘿蔔糕 + May媽辣椒醬 |

C) Beetroot Trunip Cake + MayMa Hot Sauce | 大紅蘿蔔糕 + May媽辣椒醬 |

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 LB Beetroot Turnip Cake | 大紅蘿蔔糕 
Uses beetroot to replace turnip to both give a different earthy flavour and a bold red hue associated with good luck! We source the best ingredients including local dried meats, Japanese scallops, shiitake, Thai dried shrimp and use natural seasoning for great flavour and healthy eating. 
打破傳統以新鮮紅菜頭代替蘿蔔, 加入柚子皮突出清果香味。嚴選香港老字號三興隆臘味、日本干貝及冬菇、泰國生曬蝦米乾,講究使用有機葵花籽油、龍舌蘭糖漿及海鹽等,以取代傳統重調味品,換上天然無負擔的清新口感! 

MayMa Hot Sauce | May 媽辣椒醬 
Perfect match with turnip cake and taro cake from its secret recipe made with love containing garlic, bird’s eye chili, fermented black bean. A must-have addition to your condiment list. 

Ingredients 成份:
LB Beetroot Turnip Cake | 大紅蘿蔔糕 

Beetroot, Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, dried shiitake, rice flour, cornstarch, yuzu peel   紅菜頭、三興隆臘腸、泰國蝦米乾、日本乾干貝、日本乾冬菇、有機葵花籽油、龍舌蘭糖漿、海鹽、柚子皮、魚湯、木薯粉、米粉、玉米粉、大豆油

MayMa Hot Sauce | May 媽辣椒醬 
Garlic, organic sunflower oil, bird's eye chilli, fermented black bean, sea salt, soy sauce, agave nectar 蒜頭, 有機葵花籽油, 指天椒, 豆豉, 海鹽, 生抽, 有機藍色龍舌蘭花蜜


1) CNY Beetroot Turnip Cake will be available for pick-up at our restaurants during the time period between February 02nd – 10th, 2021 12:00pm-9:00pm. 客人可於餐廳領取糕點 2021年2月2日至2月10日(已預約日期) 中午12時至晚上9時

2) Please advise preferred date for pick up or delivery address by messaging us in your cart before check-out, as all cakes are made one day prior. 付款前,請於購物車留言告知取糕日子因為我們在客人選定日子之前一天才新鮮製造

Pick up location: 
Little Bao Diner
Shop H1, G/F, Fashion Walk, 9 Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, HK
銅鑼灣京士頓街 9號Fashion Walk 地下 H1號鋪

Happy Paradise
Upper Ground Floor, 52 Staunton Street, Central, HK

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