Hear, hear! Little Bao is coming back to its original digs. Months in the making, Chef May Chow and her team at Little Bao have been furiously working to set up their newest shop on 1-3 Shin Hing Street.






Back and better than ever, everyone’s favourite flavour-melding, fluffy Bao purveyor celebrates turning 8 years old this year with a fresh rebrand and an updated lineup of nosh and tipple.

The Little Bao return story is an ode to friendship through and through. Making it out of the throes of the pandemic was a feat achieved only through the help of friends and support from family in and out of the restaurant world. This rebuilding of Little Bao central is no exception to that. One finds flourishes of the creative minds at Kith&Kin, UniteUnit, Washi Jeans, Kapok, and Levi’s speckled throughout the new restaurant, testaments to the long-lasting friendships and collaborations from years past.


The interior is sleek but intimate, encouraging guests to rub shoulders with each other the way the new shop is now rubbing shoulders with good friends at Coa, La Cabane, Censu, The Wildlot (just to name a few), and the lovely gentlemen who play jianzi on the stairs.


To commemorate the big return, old classics such as the long sought after lamb tartare make their return to the menu, along with fresh dishes such as the skirt steak beef tataki, mixed seafood ceviche, and crab bao.

Crab Bao

panko crab cake, cheddar, Hong Kong Island dressing, coleslaw

The explosive new bao is a generous patty of sweet crab tossed with fiery cajun spice, beautifully balanced with a “Hong Kong Island dressing” – an original Little Bao creation that elevates your conventional thousand island dressing with salted egg yolk and lemongrass.

Mixed Seafood Ceviche
tuna, salmon, scallop, burrata, white soy, lime,blue corn tortilla

Notes of salinity from the jet fresh seafood with the fresh creaminess of the burrata and the acidity of the lime come together in perfect harmony. Scoop up in a blue corn tortilla for the most satisfying

Skirt Steak Beef Tataki
kombu shiitake soy vinaigrette, pickled shiitake, shiso, leek, fried shallots

The rich umami of the kombu and shiitake beautifully accentuate the flavours of the steak. Topped with fried shallots for a bit of crunch.

The brand new beverage program, thoughtfully curated with buddies at Fernet Hunter, EcoSpirits, Proof & Co., Carbon Brews, and Sunday’s, is a dedication to small batch brewers, distillers, and independent vineyards. The beer and cider selection highlights a variety of local brews and hip international brands and will be in constant rotation. The cocktails are carefully put together to complement the notes of the food offering and feature simple, yet delicious flavours.

Bao Cha! Hey Bao

Fernet Hunter, oolong, mango, cheese foa

Drawing inspiration from boba with cheese foam on top, this cocktail balances the sweetness from mango with the endearing herbal bitterness of Fernet Hunter.

Kyoho G&T

Widges London Dry Gin infused with Kyoho grape, yuzu

Subtle sweetness of the Kyoho grape perfumes the dry gin.

Shiso Sour

Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon, shiso, local winter honey, lemon

A burst of shiso flavour cuts through the sweetness of the infused bourbon and honey, lending a crisp freshness to the drinking experience.

Pineapple Vodk

Tried & True Vodka, clarified pineapple infused with spices

Sweet but not too sweet with just the right amount of spice. Notes of star anise bring out the tropical flavour of the pineapple.

Pocari Paloma

Arquitecto Blanco Tequila, Montelobos Mezcal, Pocari, grapefruit, flagrant salt

The salinity of the local energy drink favourite sings
when paired with mezcal and tequila.

Sunday’s Hi

Sunday’s Nas Whisky, yuzu zest, soda

A take on our favourite highball that’s heavy on the yuzu. Easy-drinking, fresh, delicious.

Come one come all! Little Bao Central is open for walk-ins only.

About Little Bao
Little Bao is all about sharing food and culture. A uniquely Chinese take on the classic American diner that reflects the international tastes of its hometown, Hong Kong. Big on sharing and little on the bao, it riffs on classic comfort foods. Using familiar ingredients in unexpected yet honest ways, Little Bao is always adventurous and playful – a fun and authentic cross-cultural eating experience.

About May Chow
May Chow is the Canadian-born, Hong Kong-based chef/owner of Little Bao and Happy Paradise.The latter was named Tatler’s Best 20 Restaurants in Macau and Hong Kong 2019 and 2020, Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places 2018, and selected in the World’s 50 Best Discovery list. The success of both restaurants has propelled her onto the global food scene where she is widely considered one of the most dynamic and respected culinary figures. She was awarded Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2017 and has appeared on popular TV programmes such as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, MasterChef Asia, MasterChef UK, and Top Chef, and was a speaker at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. Chow has also been featured in international media such as BBC, CNN, Vogue, Forbes, Food & Wine, The Food Network, Eater, and more. Chow is on the board of Eat Forum, Save Hong Kong F&B and is an outspoken supporter for LGBTQ rights, diversity and female empowerment.


Please visit https://www.chefmaychow.com for more information

For further enquiry, please contact [email protected].
Little Bao, 1-3 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong