SCMP / Interview: Hong Kong chef May Chow on Parisian food shows

by Bernice Chan

May Chow

May Chow (Photo by Franke Tsang)

What was it like to be invited to Omnivore? “Omnivore is about [food that is] out of the norm. When I was invited, I didn’t take it too seriously. But, when I arrived, I found out I was doing demonstrations, a food truck pop-up and a party, where 18 chefs such as Gregory Marchand [of Frenchie] and Romain Tishchenko [of Le Galopin] were making and serving their own canapés, and I was also one of them. They put me on the main stage with [French chef] Thierry Marx and at least 1,000 people were watching – it was crazy! It was an amazing experience because the world wants to know about China and Chinese cuisine. I made traditional braised lamb clay pot, explaining the ingredients and how we eat this in winter because it has a warming element. I also made red fermented bean curd chicken wings with agave and garlic. They had never had chicken wings before because the French think chicken wings are part of the carcass, what you would put in stock.”

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