Huffington Post / London Foodie Update: Little Bao at Soho Kitchen and Bar

by Chloe Gunning
Little Bao Menu (old)
Recently I wrote about London’s love of single-ingredient restaurants, after my visit to Balls & Company. But, just when I thought it was all about balls, I discovered a contender for the crown – the bao!

The traditional Chinese steamed buns, filled with a variety of ingredients, have popped up for a special week at Soho Kitchen & Bar. Chef and creator of Little Bao, May Chow, has brought her burger-style steamed buns all the way from Hong Kong where they’ve earned quite a following.

For a Monday night in Soho, the restaurant was buzzing, and it seemed I wasn’t the only foodie who was curious to try them. It had the feel of an American diner, but with an Asian twist. Chopsticks lay where a knife and fork usually would, and the ‘Little Bao’ logo was emblazoned on the waiters’ t-shirts, menus, and even the squeezy chilli sauce bottles on the tables.

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