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Little Bao is Back in SoHo, Hong Kong


Chef May Chow and her team at Little Bao has soft opened their newest location at 1-3 Shin Hing Street on 10 November.

This well known bao purveyor in Hong Kong celebrates its 8th anniversary this year with a new rebrand and an updated menu of nosh and tipple.



Through and through, the Little Bao return story is an ode to friendship. Getting through the pandemic with the help of friends and family in and out of the restaurant world was a feat accomplished only with the help of friends and family in and out of the restaurant world. This reconstruction of Little Bao Central is no exception. Throughout the new restaurant, one can find flourishes of the creative minds from Kith&Kin, UniteUnit, Washi Jeans, Kapok, and Levi’s, testaments to long-lasting friendships and collaborations from years past.



The interior is sleek but intimate, encouraging guests to rub shoulders with one another in the same way that the new shop is now rubbing shoulders with good friends from Coa, La Cabane, Censu, and The Wildlot (to name a few), as well as the lovely gentlemen who play jianzi on the stairs.

To celebrate the joyous return, old favourites like the much-loved Lamb Tartare (HKD 148) are back on the menu, along with new dishes like the Crab Bao, Mixed Seafood Ceviche, and Skirt Steak Beef Tataki.

Crab Bao (new)

This Crab Bao is a generous patty of sweet crab tossed with fiery cajun spice balanced with a “Hong Kong Island dressing”.

This is an original Little Bao creation that elevates the traditional thousand island dressing with salted egg yolk and lemongrass.

Mixed Seafood Ceviche (new)


The salinity of the jet fresh seafood in this Mixed Seafood Ceviche, the creaminess of the burrata, and the acidity of the lime all work in perfect harmony. For the most satisfying bite, wrap it in a blue corn tortilla.

Skirt Steak Beef Tataki (new)

The umami richness of the kombu and shiitake enhances the flavours of this Skirt Steak Beef Tataki that is topped with fried shallots for an extra bit of crunch and flavour.

Beverage Program

The new beverage program is designed in collaboration with Fernet Hunter, EcoSpirits, Proof & Co., Carbon Brews, and Sunday’s and is dedicated to small batch brewers, distillers, and independent vineyards.

The beer and cider selection will be rotated on a regular basis and will include a variety of local brews as well as hip international brands; while the cocktails are crafted to complement the flavours of the food with simple yet delectable flavours.

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Little Bao Diner – Central (SoHo)

Hours : Tue-Thu, Sun: 12-4pm, 6-10pm | Fri-Sat: 12-4pm, 6-11pm

Phone : (852) 28181280