Lifestyle / Eating Green: 6 plant-based meat alternatives for Earth Day 2022

by Lorria Sahmet

Do your part for the environment — and your health! — by eating better. Here are six plant-based meat alternatives available in Hong Kong — and where to find them.

Maybe you’re a steadfast follower of the 3Rs. You bring your own shopping bag, your own reusable bottle, even your own refillable lipstick. You take shorter showers than everyone else and never leave the light on when you’re not in the room — you’re pretty environmentally friendly. And while that’s a pat on the back for you, there’s always a little bit more you could be doing. Like, with what you eat.

We’ve come a long way since the the debut of the plant-based burger that completely revolutionised our perception of plant-based meat alternatives. A long, long way since the market was dominated by just Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. There are lots of interesting choices to choose from now! And many restaurants have embraced the wave and added plant-based meat alternatives to their menus. Here’s where to find them.

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