Experience The World On A Plate With Chef May Chow's Little Bao | Hong Kong

Experience The World On A Plate With Chef May Chow’s Little Bao | Hong Kong



Experience The World On A Plate With Chef May Chow's Little Bao | Hong Kong

May Chow – Chef & Founder, Little Bao

Hong Kong, (April 18, 2023) –The South China Morning Post unveils today its Readers of SCMP Campaign, which tells the international story of Hong Kong through the lens of six readers from different walks of life who exemplify the defining qualities of the Post’s sophisticated, affluent and influential audience base. 

Central to the campaign is the message that great journeys start with anyone, anywhere, at any time. The Post amplifies this message by featuring the vignettes of six readers whose profiles epitomize the international story of Hong Kong in their “moments of creation”.

The Six Vignettes of Readers of SCMP Campaign in their moments of creation: 

  • Allan Zeman – Chairman, LKF Group
  • May Chow – Chef & Founder, Little Bao
  • Steven Lam – Co-Founder & CEO, GoGoX
  • Shalini Mahtani – Founder, The Zubin Foundation
  • Gregory Van – Co-Founder & CEO, Endowus
  • Anson Chan – Student, Island School

They represent the Post’s reader archetypes, as represented by makers, leaders, pioneers, innovators, visionaries. The vignettes are a celebration of the social, cultural and economic influence these archetypes wield. Click here to view the 30 second campaign video. 

Media placements include: SCMP newspaper wraps, SCMP digital media, OOH across main commercial areas in Hong Kong, digital ad placements, print, events, and more across Hong Kong and Singapore markets, with activation programs such as coffee pop ups at trade events and at partner locations. 

“The first brand initiative of our 120th anniversary, this Readers of SCMP campaign celebrates the entrepreneurial community of Hong Kong which has been with the Post every step of the way since day one,” says Kevin Huang, Chief Operating Officer, South China Morning Post. “We connect partners to quality Asian affluent and influential business decision maker audiences. Our culturally relevant content and events drive connection and consideration, and our first party data platform and brand safety tools deliver impact through insights and context. South China Morning Post Advertising+ is for brands and partners who want to shape the next chapter of Hong Kong and Asia’s story.”

“The campaign was conceived  as a result of findings by in-house market research conducted in January 2023 revealing SCMP’s leading and nuanced market share in quality, affluent and influential readership,” says Paul Phillips, Strategy & Insights Director, South China Morning Post. “With this campaign, we are celebrating our readers who are shaping our world. They are the makers, leaders, pioneers, innovators and visionaries of today and tomorrow.”