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May Chow | Rosewood PlaceMaker | Hong Kong Local Food Culture


May Chow invite guests to immerse themselves in Hong Kong’s local culture through highly curated experiential programming

HONG KONGAug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rosewood Hong Kong, the ultra-luxury vertical estate, is pleased to introduce May Chow as the property’s second Rosewood PlaceMaker. The latest extension of the brand’s guiding A Sense of Place ® philosophy, wherein each property is designed to immerse guests in the destination, the PlaceMakers programme taps the beacons of Rosewood’s communities to harness local culture through bespoke experiences and promote an authentic feeling of affinity and belonging. As PlaceMaker for Rosewood Hong Kong, May Chow has developed unique activations and programming, and an expertly curated digital destination guide, each of which is rooted in her niche area of expertise while simultaneously highlighting the essential elements and traits of the destination of Hong Kong.

Rosewood Placemaker, May ChowRosewood Placemaker, May Chow

“Located in an internationally recognised gastronomic city, Rosewood Hong Kong is keen to present the elevated Cantonese culinary journey with a modern twist in collaboration with Chef May Chow. This partnership is fostering the link between our guests and the local Chinese culture to spark conversations and, more importantly, for our new generation of guests to savour the reinterpreted Cantonese festive delicacies,” said Hoss Vetry, Vice President of Operations, APAC of Rosewood Hotel Group, and Managing Director of Rosewood Hong Kong.

May Chow – Modern celebration of Chinese culture

With a vision of preserving the age-old Chinese culinary culture by modernising Chinese traditions for a new Hong Kong generation, internationally renowned Chef May Chow’s signature creations from two dining concepts, Little Bao and Happy Paradise, are love letters to Hong Kong. Out of profound respect for its quintessential flavours, techniques and ingredients, she re-imagines them with her signature flair. As PlaceMakers, May Chow’s latest creation in collaboration with Rosewood stems from this ethos to transform a traditional festivity delicacy into a veritable modern classic. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, May Chow is launching a limited-edition mooncake inspired by Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy. A homage to Hong Kong’s beloved lemon tea, the exclusive mooncakes feature a white lotus seed filling flavoured with Fujian Oolong tea and fresh lemon, accented with a Made-in-Hong Kong soy sauce, re-imagining the timeless tradition into a modern classic.

In addition to offering an elevated Cantonese culinary experience to showcase May Chow’s contemporary take on local cuisine, May Chow will join hands with Chef Mario Tolentino from HENRY to craft a four-hand American meets modern Cantonese dining experience for guests to book and enjoy on December 9, 2022. Rosewood Hong Kong will continue working with May Chow to curate local and historical local culinary-related brands for the hotel’s online shop, as well as the Chinese New Year festive edit in 2023. 

Digital Journey of Discovery 

Essential to the programme is the digital activation that brings Rosewood’s destinations directly to guests, independent of physical presence. Bespoke digital destination guide curated by May Chow will be available to browse and interact online. Featuring her insider recommendations for exploring the lesser-known elements of Rosewood’s locales, the guide offers an incredible source of inspiration for those into local culinary and culture at every stage of their travel planning, whether searching for their next destination or finessing their itinerary upon arrival. An exclusive interview, a photo gallery and video assets will also be spotlighted, adding an extra layer of storytelling to the PlaceMaker programme and Chef May Chow.

May Chow, Rosewood PlaceMaker says: “I am honoured to be the PlaceMaker at Rosewood Hong Kong. The exclusive mooncake creation was a unique journey for us to create elegant, refreshing, modern yet preserving the traditions of high-quality mooncakes. With a programme incorporating experiential dinners, a digital destination guide and festive product creation, it aims to offer something for guests and locals of all ages to experience Rosewood Hong Kong as a family.”